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Hey, Welcome to buy mattress review. You are thinking to change your old one or buy first time a mattress, right? I know you are confused now, thinking about which mattress is good for you! Soft mattress or hard mattress? No need to be so worried, just keep reading and at the end of this article, you will discover yourself as a well known about the mattress, and you can take a decision very confidently that which mattress is best for you and your family because I wrote everything in very details. Here I will give you a complete buying guide of the mattress and reviewed some top soft mattresses to help you. Those all are comfortable, affordable supportive for average people, and also all are available in free shipping, that’s why those mattresses will save your extra cost of shipping.

Before buying a mattress you should think at least 10 times because you are buying a mattress and a good branded mattress lasting time around 8 to 10 years. So when you are shopping something for so many years, you need to be very very careful. It’s not about money but also about your health and precious peaceful sleep. If you did any mistake to purses a mattress it can harm your health and sleep.

Check List Of Buying A Soft Mattress:

Before buying a soft mattress you should consider about some important matter deeply because the meaning of the right mattress can mean the difference between the sweet dreamy night and the unstable night.

Soft, Firmness And Support Of a Mattress- To find out how much softness needs your body, 1st know how much firmness has that mattress, Mattress firmness means how much soft or hard feels it giving when you lay down on a mattress. There is a measurement scale for measure mattress firmness between 1 to 10, as much as low firmness the mattress will be more soft, as much as increase mattress firmness it will be harder. If you stay in 4-7 firmness, it’s only about feel, but if you choose 1-3 or 8-10 firmness, it’s about the extreme soft mattress and ultra firm, that isn’t good for your spine. A mattress which firmness is going with your body that mattress will give you right support. Support and firmness are not the same things (when you’ve chosen mattress between 4-10 firmness, otherwise, it will affect support as well). Firmness is the feeling when you first lay down on the mattress, and support means how much it keeps your spine in alignment, that is a mattress’s support.  If any mattress has right support which demands of your body then you can take soft mattress but not extreme soft. The mattress is very much soft or hard means your spine can’t stay at right alignment. Result? It will spoil your sleeping quality and make your spine pain.



Look at the picture which has given below

Notice Picture 1: Picture 1’s mattress is extreme firm that’s why that body isn’t getting right support and alignment. Result? Spin, neck pain. It’s same for extreme soft mattress, extreme mattress also harmful to the body. Extreme soft mattress can’t give right support that, where how much need.

Now notice Picture 2: Picture 2’s mattress is a perfect match for this body and getting the right support.

Which Sleeper you are- If you side sleepers 3 to 6 firmness out of 10 for you, If back choose 4 to 7 out of 10 or Stomach better 5 to 7 out of 10.

Average people preferred- Average people preferred firmness is 4 to 7 out of 10 which is medium feel. It’s also good for health. It’s universal comfort range. Deference people deference preference.

Body Type And Weight- Body type depends on your body weight, your weight tells which types of your body is thin, average or heavy.  The heavier your body is the more support needed for your mattress to align your body correctly to relief pressure.

Mattress Type- There are memory foam, foam, innerspring, coil, much more type of mattress in the market. Which one is best for you? Let me clear you that memory foam and foam are same. My personal choice is foam mattress, it gives soft hug, great feel and proper body support. Foam is also favorite of people who suffer from back and joint pain. Innerspring mattress provides Solid supportive feel, relief pressure, and comfort. Coil mattress better choice for them who belong to heavier weight with the traditional feel.

Budget And Price- Don’t Compromise here. Suppose you are buying a mattress for 10years that cost $500: which means 7.2 per night. Can’t you afford this price for you priceless sleep? For a quality mattress, your budget should be at least $500-$600. But then if you want to buy by less than it, I reviewed all prices mattress in my review section thinking about your needs.

Warranty Of A Mattress- Please check mattress warranty when you are buying a mattress. If you choose 8 or 10 years warranty’s mattress it’s best for you. It actually depends on mattress price. Basically, the cheap mattress doesn’t have long warranty support.

Be Alert About extreme Soft Mattress:- My last opinion will be based on my experience that doesn’t choose extreme soft mattress which has 1 – 3 firmness. It will harm your health and sleeps.


Top 10 Soft Mattress(4-7 firmness) – Review


Bear Mattress gives more cordial night sleep, so you can get up without past day’s tiredness and have a fresh mood. It has designed this way so that all body shapes and all types of sleeper get relief and basic support because of this mattress perfect mix of cooling comfort, controlling pressure. It’s Quick-Response Foam works as Visco with a bounce. Hybrid foam provides incomparable pressure relief and keeps spin in right align. Bear Mattress foams have low VOC outflow and Certi-Pur Certified. That means Bear mattress foams are made without ozone depleaters, lead & other heavy metals, formaldehyde & phthalates, PBDEs, mercury. Bear Mattress manufacturer source their materials and build their mattress in the USA.Bear Mattress designed with four layers

of premium foam & celliant technology:


1st Layer: Celliant Cover is Clinically-Proven: This particular, A type of covering absorbs natural heat from the body and helps your body recover faster and sleep better, reflecting back on the skin to infrared light. The cover manufacturer is based in South Carolina and their foam manufacturer is in Georgia.

2nd Layer: Superb Cool Graphite-Gel Memory Foam: It accommodates every individual person’s needed support comfort by Graphite-Gel and provide a 7x cool sleep than another foam mattress.

3rd Layer: Quick Response Foam: This layer improves spine alignment and enhances relief of pressure point.

4th Layer: High-Density Support Foam: Durable, this layer provides support for all kind of body‘s weights and sizes.

Customers of Bear Mattress who has bought this, reviewed this mattress saying like-  So good you won’t want to get up!, Sleeping much better!, amazing mattress!, Love it, Much more.

Feature Highlights

CertiPUR-US certified

√ Technology-infused cover

√ Made in the USA

√ FREE shipping

√ 10-Year Warranty

√ Proprietary memory foam technology

√ This mattress provides Universal comfort

√ It’s 7x cooler than other memory foam in the market

√ Scientifically proven to improve muscle recovery



Sleep Innovations Skylar Gel Memory Foam Mattress

It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep on your back and wake up in the morning on a side, Skylar will always support you with a breathable balanced touch. You will feel like you are rafting on air! refreshed because of its open weave fabric and ventilated foam. If a mattress goes with you, you can feel the oddness which didn’t match with your body and desire. Everybody is unique, that’ why this mattress designed consider about everybody. This mattress manufacturer said that – for provide better night sleep to their customer, before a mattress comes to the market, they test it even by sleep on the mattress to know, how does it feel! It’s over 20years of sleep Innovations. They said that – Their customers are their best teacher to manufacture the best mattress because they refine products by customers review and desire. They test everything in details so that they can provide simply best sleep in every night to their customer, which is their promise. This mattress is proven to sleep longer, deeper to feel next morning rested and recharged. From head to toe superb comfortable, this is.

All of this mattress customers are also satisfied saying like: Aahh! Normal sleep again!, Sleeping well, not hot and keeping my fingers crossed, No more back pain…..

Feature Highlights

√ Medium-firm support

√ 20-Year limited warranty

√ FREE shipping

√ Made in the USA

√ This is for the average to bigger body

√ Ideal for side or back sleepers

√ Open weave, breathable side panels of quilted poly-knit cover

√ Breathable support that will give you lightly cradles

√ TriComfort Design

√ 1st layer design with 2 ½ inch cooling gel memory foam, Cool Plush Luxury

√ 2nd layer design with 2 ½ Air Channel Foam, Ultra ventilated

√ Base Layer design with 7- inch support plus foam, Deep Support

3. Thrive Wonder Air Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Thrive Wonder Air Gel Memory Foam Mattress designed to keep you comfortable, cool and supported for so many years. This is an affordable luxury and stylish mattress for everyone who wants to get in the morning with completely rested and totally ready for next day. This is the cheap mattress consider its features like CertiPUR-US certified, soft touch cover and supportive multi-layer design. Who doesn’t want to sleep a deeply peaceful whole night? Everyone, right? But because of having a bad quality mattress, could steal that peaceful precious sleep. This mattress is giving GUARANTEE giving quality sleep. You can enjoy quality sleep and peace of mind for 10years at least. This is durable and harmful chemicals free. Safe for your skin and body. Comfortable and support, you are getting all in this mattress. 12” Memory foam mattress will give you medium feel that let you wake up next morning rejuvenated. Having soft touch breathable zip cover advantage you can wash it anytime when you feel that its top layer has become dirty now.

Customer who has already bought it saying – Great price. Nice firm mattress, great mattress for the price!, What monstrous beauty ……..

Feature Highlights

√ Medium firm feel

√ CertiPUR-US certified

√ Best for side, stomach and back sleepers

√ Affordable luxury, comfort and stylish

√ Compressed, boxed and shipped for easy setup

√ FREE shipping

√ 10-year Manufacturer Warranty

√ Durability and free of any harmful chemicals

√ Sleep cool, Pressure relieving, Supportive

√Soft touch breathable cover

√ Removable zipper cover to wash anytime

√ Design with 3 Supportive layers

√ 1st layer 3″ air gel memory foam

√ 2nd layer 1″ open cell breathable foam

√ 3rd layer 8″ high-density base

√ Memory foam mattress

4. Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

For making sure your better night sleep Layla memory foam mattress made by using highest quality fabric and foam. Everything of Layla mattress has sourced and 100% manufactured from USA. Every single work has done by American workers. It’s a premium mattress.ORIGINAL COPPER INFUSED MEMORY FOAM fully patented at the US Patent Office. It’s Operative against joint pain and burning. Now you will wake up on this extraordinary mattress with extraordinary health benefits. This mattress best part is its dual firmness, soft on one side, firm on another side. So you can change firmness in one mattress when you feel need to change, just flip the mattress. Decreasing heat and increasing blood circulation properly helps to relief most pains and diseases. It has made with expensive materials and real copper. This mattress is for whom, who don’t want to compromise on quality, comfort, and health. It’s lifetime warranty ensuring its quality and reliability. It has become very favorite to its user’s because of it standard quality.

Layer construction of this awesome mattress:

Cover of the mattress: The Layla mattress cover is made with Thermogel. Thermogel will activate when your body will raise heat and keeps you cool. Its memory foam mattress will keep your body cool. Copper is also well known for giving restful sleep by decreasing joint pain and increasing blood circulation.

Soft side: Soft side to provide soft feel structured with of 3″ of premium copper infused memory foam.

Middle: For exceptional airflow, the middle of the mattress is structured of convoluted base foam.

Firm side: The firm side structured with 1″ of premium copper infused memory foam.We all are different and unique, so our need and choice also different. Keep in mind that this mattress has made with those features. So that everyone can sleep a peaceful sleep. All of this mattress user has

We all are different and unique, so our need and choice also different. Keep in mind that this mattress has made with those features. So that everyone can sleep a peaceful sleep. All of this mattress user has reviewed- The cooling really works, IT CHANGED MY LIFE, comfy, Love it…..

Feature Highlights

√ Bad odor free

√ Made in the USA

√ Joint pain relief

√ Better blood circulation

√ Memory foam mattress

√ FREE shipping


√ Dual firmness, Flip your mattress for more or less firmness.

√ First mattress to infuse copper with memory foam

√ Mattress will never get hot because of copper

5. Zinus Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

This mattress technology gives you better night sleep, this mattress manufactured with pocketed spring and gel memory foam provide the best combination. Gel memory foam layer ensures support and perfect sleep temperature. Visco-Latex layer provides comfort when icoil springs give pressure relief support and leave you in a deep sound sleep. Mattress comfort cover is so comfortable of foam and fiver quilted poly jacquard.

Please check this mattress layer construction by a picture is given below:






Review of customers for this mattress: Good quality medium-firm mattress, GREAT BUY, Awesome sleep, woke up refreshed, Super comfortable, Extremely Pleased!!

Feature Highlights

√ CertiPUR-US Certified

√ Durable, Great performance

√ FREE shipping

√ 10-year limited warranty

√ For better edge support springs encased in foam.

√ Foam & fiber quilted comfort cover

√ Used only the highest Quality of memory foam

√ Swirl Gel Memory Foam comfort, Visco-Latex Memory Foam technology, and iCoil

√ For better edge support springs encased in foam.

√ Foam & fiber quilted comfort cover

√ Used only the highest Quality of memory foam

√ Its patented technology allows the mattresses to be correctly compressed

√ Shipped in a box to your door – smart shipping

6. Best Price Mattress Memory Foam

Effect of memory foam this mattress provides a great sleeping surface. At first in normal temperature mattress is a little bit of firm but when you lay down on it, it will start to adjust temperature how much your body and also mold itself to your body. It will help you to sleep better without tossing and turning. After laying down on it, your weight is evenly distributed along the surface, That’s why you’re your pressure point will get relief.

The responsive active suspension will isolate and reduce motion transfer between you and your partner. Active charcoals maintain freshness over the life of your mattress and control odor with moisture-absorbing particles.

Check out the layer constructions of this mattress:



The user’s of this mattress has given that mattress five star and said like- starsGood value for mattress, Love this mattress, Pretty comfy, my first memory foam bed ever and I like it a lot!

Feature Highlights

√ No pressure points

√ Deeper sleep

√ No bad odor

√ Certipur-Us certified

√ FREE shipping

√ 10-year warranty

√ Feel like you are floating on a cloud

√ Mattress designed with 3 layers

√ 1st layer 2.5″ Memory foam

√ 2nd layer 3″ super soft foam with pressure relief system

√ 3rd layer 6.5″ High-density foam

√ Amazing comfort from because of body-conforming memory foam

√ Pressure relief system effectively adjust all pressure points

7. Live And Sleep Cooling Memory Foam Mattress


For high-quality product, Live and Sleep Mattresses are top rated in Amazon.com with 90% of 5-star reviews. With a fair affordable price enjoy the better sleep to get energy. It provides medium to medium firm feels which is 6 to 7 out of 10 in firmness scale.  Supreme topper confirms your shape for pure rest. The Dual material provides mainly body support, helps with textures and eases motion obstacles (bounce) between partners. This is ideal for back-end or stomach sleeping because of Eco-friendly viscose cushion and HD bottom Orthopedic support. Flex linen fabric gives cloud touch feel. The climate-controlled production uses less chemical and results are less gas, toxins, and durability. 20-year warranty for if found any defects of manufacture. Customer review about this mattress is: I love it! First of all, it’s relatively light compared …, Highly recommend!, Best Mattress Ever!…..

Have a look at mattress layer structure:

Feature Highlights

√ Cool and breathable


√ No coils or latex used

√ Eco-Friendly

√ Relieves pressure points

√ 20-Year Warranty

√ FREE shipping

√ High-density foam for full body support and Cradling comfort

√ Orthopedic support is ideal for side back or stomach sleepers

√ NEW PURCHASE includes full refund guarantee from 30-day trial

√ Medium-Firm feel, 6-7 on a scale of 1 to 10

√ Naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant

√ Luxurious poly cotton blend mattress, removable, washable

8. Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

After laying down on it within few minutes you will feel perfect balance of comfort, minimizes pressure on your body, and provides the right support. It delivers three zones of pressure relieving comfort, in head and neck, lower back and hip and lower legs and feet.It provides medium feel support. Dense foam core that ensures years of the unbridled durability of this mattress. This mattress will ship to your doorstep in a single box. When you will get the mattress simply follow the provided instructions. The comfortable Signature sleep memory foam mattress will be ready for sleep in a matter of hours!  Please allow 48 hours to fully expand to its size.

The users of this mattress said this mattress is – Great great great, love it, This mattress seriously impressed my wife and I….

Check out the mattress layer design:

Cover: Soft, breathable knit fabric provides a comfortable on your skin.

1st Layer: Peace of mind fire retardant barrier.

2nd Layer: 4” Luxurious layer of responsive memory foam provides balanced support and eliminates motion transfer.

3rd Layer: 8” High-density support foam delivers exceptional edge to edge sleep support.


Feature Highlights

√ Medium feel

√ eco-friendly

√ 1-Year warranty

√ FREE shipping

√ CertiPUR-US ® certified foam

√ Made without ozone depleters

√ Minimize pressure on the body

√ Distributes weight evenly and mold natural body shape

√ Mattress ships compressed and rolled in a single box

√ Made without mercury, formaldehyde, lead and heavy metals

√ Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants

√ No matter how much you toss and turn, provides balanced support

√ Easy to clean soft mattress cover made of breathable knit fabric

9. Signature Sleep Encased Coil Mattress

It’s a premium mattress.13-inch individually encased coil Signature sleep mattress for quality sleep has high-quality features that improve sleeping quality and maximum value. Signature Cushion features an incredibly comfortable 1 inch lower VOC CertiPUR- US certified foam pillow top feature is formaldehyde, lead and heavy metals, ozone depleters, mercury, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants Free. For offer a comfortable sleep it has the premium soft bamboo cover which is breathable. For make it supportive and reliefs pressure point on lower back and hips, head and neck, and lower legs and feet manufactured with durable independently encased coils It also have high-density foam. To provide sleep sound Mattress’s 3 zone system gives right support.

Signature Sleep 13 inches encased coil mattress of excellent layers materials are:

1st layer: Premium soft cover delivers a breathable and resilient sleep surface.

2nd layer: Comfort foam pillow top adds an additional layer of plush foam.

3rd layer: Peace of mind fire-retardant barrier.

4th layer: High-density support foam for superior edge to edge sleep support.

5th layer: Cushioning comfort insulator pad delivers pressure-relief comfort.

6th layer: High-performance independently-encased coil system provides the right support and eliminates motion transfer.

“I have been sleeping on for the better part of 6 years. That being said, I feel that this mattress is more plush and softer than most mattresses I have tested.” – Those are not my words, those all words are a user’s of this mattress. She said it in her review.

Feature Highlights

√ Encased Coil Mattress

√ Soft Bamboo Mattress Cover

√ 3 Zone mattress foam for a soft upper

√ Relief pressure points and restlessness

√ 1-Year Limited Warranty

√ FREE shipping

√ CertiPUR-US Certified Foam Pillow Top

√ A firm mattress center to support lower-back and hips

√ Mattresses will be shipped to your doorstep just in a box.

√ Independently-encased coils provide an equal weight distribution

√ Soft mattress cover fabric is made of a durable bamboo mattress

√ Moisture absorbance and breath-ability creating a dry, restful sleep

10. Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

With the Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress, you get the desired luxury and experience the extreme sleep that you deserve. To keep you comfortable whole night and conform to the body reducing pressure points, breathable poly foam and high-density memory foam disperse heat. Its support base layer maintains the strength and effectiveness of all three layers. This mattress’s gel Memory Foam is a unique ingredient that carries gel particles in the Velco-Elastic memory foam, creating a plusher and cooler sleeping material. Keep you safe against allergens, mold, bacteria and dust mites because of gel Memory foam. Classic Brands cool gel memory foam mattress can support each part of your body equally and individually. Support of gel Memory foam adjusts your body weight slowly and automatically.

Happy Customers some review – I can sleep at last!, Excellent Mattress, very comfortable, Give it a chance, Wonderful……

Cover: This elegant cover is a neatly detailed waterfall edge and charcoal gray knit side for breathability, this 4-way stretch with you to confirm your body to comfort, to optimize its contouring properties. Promotes airflow-cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter.

1st layer: 2.5 inches of cool gel memory foam. This layer vanishes your body heat and gives you a cool cool sleeping surface.

2nd layer: 3 inches of poly gel supportive foam provides support for the Gel Foam layer. This layer works as effectiveness and strength for all three layers.

3rd layer: 6.5 inches of high-density memory foam. It provides maximum comfort and support for this mattress.

This is the three layers the highest quality gel memory foam, because of that support together to provide you the luxury you crave and the ultimate sleep experience you deserve.

Feature Highlights

√ Medium-Firm Feel

√ Cool Gel regulates temperature

√ 25-Year Warranty

√ Self-ventilating

√ Free Shipping

√ Mattress shipped roll in a box

√ Contains gel-infused memory foam

√ Manufactured with the latest sleep technology

√ High-quality CertiPUR-US certified memory foam

√ Allergens, mold, bacteria, and dust mites resistant

√ Reduces pressure points between shoulders, neck, and back

√ Promotes airflow-cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter

√ Beautifully detailed waterfall edge cover with four-way stretch top

You can use mattress topper to add more care to your mattress. Its increase mattress durability and protection.


Are you still in confusion?! Thinking about which soft mattress best for you? Have any question? Feel free to ask me by contact page. I love to answer my reader’s question. If you think that this article was helpful to you let me know by commenting below, its inspire me.

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