Ultimate Buying Guide to Buy Best Mattress

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Welcome to ultimate buying guide to buy best mattress. Well, you are here means you are searching for a mattress and I am going to share with you best mattresses in the market right now consider of thousands of customers reviews. And at the end, you will get the best buying guide which you should read before purchasing any mattress.

You should do a little research before buying any mattress because a little mistake of choosing a mattress for your body can steal your peaceful sleep. You will spend thousands of dollars on purchasing a mattress but that does not suit at your body then, the cost is valueless.

By a sound sleep, you can get rid of whole day’s tiredness. There are hundreds of options in the market but which one is best for you? Well, I am here to help you so that you can select the right mattress for you and can get a sound sleep.

Not everyone’s body is formed in the same way, so the needs of everyone’s body are not the same. So, you should not buy only the best mattress in the market, but also you should buy the best mattress of the market and the mattress that will suit your body properly. Then, you will get proper sleep and your cost will worth.

Based on my research I have reviewed mattresses by categories so that you can understand easily which one you need.

Categories are-

1.Sleeping Positions
2. Consider of weight
3. Body problems like back pain, neck pain

  1. Sleeping Positions:In this category, I have reviewed mattresses for the back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper, and combination sleeper.
  2. Consider of weight:In this category, I have reviewed mattresses for light weighted, average weighted, and heavy weighted people.
  3. Body problems like back pain, neck pain: In this category, I have reviewed mattresses for back pain and neck pain.

Buying Guide of Purchasing Best Mattress

best mattress buying guide

Based on my personal experience and customer reviews I have selected the above mattresses, which are the factors to consider during purchasing a mattress:

What firmness Suitable for you?

Firmness means how much a mattress soft or hard feels. Now you will ask me how firmness is applicable to you. I would say – it is very difficult to answer this, because the same mattress may feel less soft to one person, and it may feel perfect soft for someone else because it depends on many things like, what kind of soft, medium or firm you like to feel, your weight, your body type, size, sleeping habit.

If you are getting the right support from your mattress, then your spine in correct alignment and not creating a pressure point. If you are not getting the right support from your mattress you will wake up within a pain or sore. The first thing to look at is whether it is comfortable for your body. After lying down on your mattress if you feel that this is providing the right comfort which you wanted then that mattress firmness is perfect for you.

Check the picture which is given below-

firmness level of a mattress

mattress firmness level measure between 1-10 numbers. If a mattress firmness is in number 1 then the mattress will be very very soft, and if in number 10 then that mattress will be very hard. 4-5 number firmness level is medium. Most of the people preferred firmness is 4-7. As I said before, how much firmness do you actually need it to depend on your weight, sleeping habit, body type.

If a 150-pound weight person’s firmness is 5-7 and he is getting right comfort with this firmness, for getting the same comfort if a 200-pound weighted person chooses same firmness as 150 pounds weighted people having then 200 weighted people won’t get the comfortableness which is 150-pound weight person is getting.

Below I will discuss firmness consider to weight and sleeping habit so that you can buy the right mattress for you.

How much is your Weight?  

Weight plays a very important role when you are buying a mattress. What is your body type and how much your weight depended on it, your mattress will support your body and will provide cooling, hug, and comfort.  How much firmness need your body to provide proper support and comfort, it will depend on your weight.

Check out the picture given below:

right alignment on mattress

If you got your right firmness your body will align like this picture.  

150 pounds or less weighted and want medium feel (5-7):

If your weight is 150 or less than 150, then you are a thin weight person and a light sleeper, if you lie down on the mattress, you will sink less into the mattress. Although for medium feel need 5-7 firm out of 10 but you are so thin person that’s why 3-4 firm out of 10 will be best for you to get the medium feel.

150-200 pounds weighted and want medium feel (5-7):

If your weight is between 150-200 pounds then you are an average sleeper. Maximum mattresses designed for the average sleeper. Because in the market maximum mattresses found 5-7 firms out of 10 and if you are 150-200 pounds and want medium feel you need 5-7 firm out of 10.

200 pounds or more weighted and want medium feel (5-7):

According to your weight, you are a heavyweight person. When you sleep into the mattress putt lot of pressure on a mattress. It will be better for you if you have a mattress with a 3-4 inch comfort layer, whether you can have a mattress like coil on coil or luxury innerspring.   

150 pounds or less weighted and want soft feel (3-4):

You are a lighter sleeper according to your weight, so if you lie on the mattress, you will sink less into the mattress. But it will be not ok to have much less firmness because you will feel hot then. That’s why 2-3 out of 10 is ok for you to get the soft feel.

150-200 pounds weighted and want soft feel (3-4):

If you are 150 pounds or 160-170 pounds then you can follow as lighter sleeper 2-3 out of 10. If you are between 180-200 pounds then 3-4 out of 10 will be the best choice for you.

200 pounds or more weighted and want soft feel (3-4):

Finding a soft mattress for heavy sleeper is very difficult because they sink into the mattress very much, so if you get soft mattress you will be more sinking into the mattress and will face heat problem. So the best is for you to buy a mattress with a 3-4 inch comfort layer foam or pillow top coil mattress to get proper support and the soft feel.

Less than 145 pounds or 150-200 pounds weighted and want firmer feel (8-9): 

Both for lighter sleeper and average sleeper buy mattress which characterized as firm or 8-9 out of 10 is required for firmer feel.

200 pounds or more weighted and want firmer feel (8-9): 

You are a heavier sleeper, so you can add 0.5-1 than a lighter and average sleeper, which means 8.5-9 out of 10 to get the firm feel.

What is your Sleeping Style/Position?  

Everyone has their own different sleeping style, like- back, stomach, side, but people are not aware that according to their sleeping style/position should be chosen mattress firmness level to give proper support to the body.

Back Sleeper 

Support and firmness balancing is very important for the back sleeper, very soft mattress cannot give proper push back support to their body, and spin will not get the right alignment. 4-6 out of 10 firmness is best for a back sleeper.

Side Sleeper 

Due to the absence of the right firmness level, side sleeper can face back pain, neck pain. So the right firmness should be chosen to stay away from this kind of problems. The side sleeper lay down on their side and change much time in many sleeping positions. To get proper support at their pressure points, 3-5 out of 10 firmness level is best.

Stomach Sleeper

For the stomach sleeper, the torso is the most important thing, because they get maximum pressure for this part of the body. If the torso does not get proper support, then back pain, neck pain must. The midsection of the body should sink less into the mattress.  That’s why support is very important for a stomach sleeper. 5-7 out of 10 firmness level is better for a stomach sleeper.

What Type of Best Mattress does Suit at You?

It depends on which types of mattress you prefer to buy. It does vary on person to person personal preference. There are a lot of types of mattresses in the market.

It is difficult to select which one to pick out, but I will help you to make your selection easy. I will discuss in details of most popular types of mattresses.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattress made up with natural latex foam and, synthetic latex to enhance this type of mattress comfort and durability.

Sleeper loves them because of its luxury, comfort, bounce, responsiveness and cooling properties.

Latex Mattress best for- If you want luxury, comfort, bounce, responsiveness cooling feel and stay away from pronounced hug which provides memory foam mattresses then latex mattress for you.

Example of a Latex mattress-

latex mattress structure

Pillow-top Mattress

This categories mattress made up with memory, latex, hybrid, coil and etc combinations. If I talk about pillow top mattress then this type of mattress has the pillow-top layer on top of the layer.

Let’s have a look into the picture will be clear about its structure.

Example of Pillow-top mattress-

pillow top mattress structure

Pillow-top Mattress best for- Sleepers who prefer a softer and additional cushion comfort. Most of the pillow-top mattresses will provide you with cloud-like soft support and comfort.

Memory Foam Mattress

Just like its name, this type of mattress made up with memory foam. This type of mattress is popular for body balancing, proper support, pressure relief, and comfort.

Besides having these qualities, memory foam mattress had a bad point also and that is hot feel. But now more advanced memory foam mattresses designed with supercooling properties.

It’s a decent choice for people with problems like respiratory bronchial asthmas or allergies for its anti-microbial and anti-dust mite properties.

Memory Foam Mattress best for- Who want pressure relief, a great hug, support and body shaping this type of mattress for them. Who wants great hug they could consider with hybrid or latex mattress because not all memory foam is good in the market. If you found a good one then ok unless you could face heat problem.

Example of memory foam mattress-

memory foam mattress structure

Adjustable Mattress

Like the name, this type of mattress is very much adjustable and for side sleeper best choice. These types of mattress provide the flexibility to every sleeping position.

Adjustable Mattress best for- Sleepers who have specific desires that want an adjustable foundation.

This type of mattress some time suggested in some medical conditions cases, snorers, chronic lower back pain, and older sleepers.

Example of an adjustable mattress-

adjustable mattress structure

Innerspring/Coils Mattress

Most favorite and most used mattress by people is the innerspring mattress. Innerspring Mattress is known by 2 names which is an innerspring, another coil mattress.  It’s popular for support and bounce. Innerspring mattresses made up with 2-layer springs, the bottom layer is 8 inches support coil and on top of it have the 4-inch pocket coil.

Innerspring Coils Mattress best for- Sleepers WHO desire a lot of coil/spring feel, cooling, edge support, and nice bounce.

Example of an innerspring mattress-

innerspring mattress structure

Hybrids Mattress

Hybrids mattress designed by memory foam, coils, polyurethane, memory foam, latex, and other materials.   You do not have to compromise with bounce feeling of coil mattress and foam mattress’s soft feel, because of the combination of memory foam+coil of hybrids mattress.

For Memory Foam, you will get proper support and pressure relief and latex will provide responsiveness, cooling, and bounce.

Hybrids Mattress best for- Sleepers WHO need the best experience of a mattress, nice bounce, comfort, cooling, and support. There are all the best qualities in one mattress that is the hybrid mattress.

Example of a hybrid mattress-

hybrid mattress structure

How much Budget you should keep for buying a mattress? 

Well, before telling how much Budget you should keep for buying a mattress I will share a real fact. That is-

Before some years when people used to visit most of the time in-shops for shopping, but now most of the people shop from online, it save time and energy. The biggest advantage is – price comparison, compared to the store with online, the same product price is less than the store, but also in a short time you can compare a product price in many places online, which is not possible in stores, so I will recommend to purchasing the mattress from online.

Important points to fixing the budget to buy a mattress-

Ideal budget: The ideal budget is $800. From my experience, I will recommend at least $800 budget should have. You will get enough option to get a comfort and luxury mattress in this budget.

The high price means not high quality: The high price doesn’t define the quality. This is wrong thought that high price means high quality but if you won’t spend the minimum price of best quality mattress then it will be difficult to buy a quality mattress.

Minimum budget for quality mattress: You should have at least $500(queen) budget to buy a quality mattress. If your budget is less than $500 then it will be tough to get the best quality and better durability.

Some calculation: Don’t be so niggard when buying a mattress because if you buy a mattress by $1000, you will get 10years durability, which means per day you are spending $0.27%. You can spend this price for your priceless peaceful sleep.  Increase for the king or California king: If you are going to buy king or California king slightly increase the budget to $1500. You will get the best quality and various mattress options.

Increase for the king or California king: If you are going to buy king or California king slightly increase the budget to $1500. You will get the best quality and various options.

Company Morality

The best mattress brands are those who take care of customers comfort to sleep and make their mattress by thinking that their customs can sleep in the mattress peacefully night after night.

If you want to buy the best mattress then before buying any mattress you should check mattress company morality. I usually check out below-given point to confirm mattress company morality.

This is-

 What kind of material they are using to make the mattress and what is the source of those materials to collect them.

 Has the got any good reviews from any user?

 What is their main value? What are they serving some extra from Another Company to take care of their customer?

 How does the company behaving with their customer? Are they are taking care of their happy and complain customer?

 Are they are fulfilling their promise about product quality (It can be known by previous customers reviews)

Avoid to Buy Promotional Mattress 

Promotional Mattress is meant to refer to those mattresses, which can get in a special event like Christmas or Holiday in Sale Offer, they are not available at any other time in the year (I am not talking about branded mattress, branded company also provide offer in these events and you should take advantage of that). This kind of mattress is sold at a low price and is very good looking at initially but these types of mattress should be avoided because they are only sold in the limited time of the year, so you will be not able to find any review about the product.

So it will be difficult to understand what products quality is actually and after purchasing this kind of mattress if you face problem then no customer service can be found. Because they are available for only in the limited time in the market. if thus this type of products are eye catchy but product quality is poor, in very few cases those products found good, but why you will take the risk with your peaceful sleep, isn’t it will be foolishness?

How much aged your mattress? 

Is your mattress 9+ years old? If yes, then I think you should think about changing your mattress. Anyway, after 8+ years you should consider about change getting a new one this is not for all types of mattress.

Below, I am giving mattress life spans of various mattress types,  as long I am telling about the mattresses life, not necessary they will be that much time sustainable, it can more year sustainable, but in most of the mattress it happen, so this is the average number.

 Pillowtop-  6-7 years

 Innerspring-  7-8

 Memory foam- 10-11

 Hybrid- 10-11

 Latex-  12-13

If you are getting from sleep with back pain, sore, facing allergy problem or are your mattress looking saggy then you can think about changing your mattress.

Mattress Warranty

Keep in mind that when buying a mattress; buy that mattress which has at least 8years of warranty. Less warranty means in most cases a low-quality mattress, and your mattress will be not as long as sustainable which time period they will give you as a warranty. A little less time will be sustainable than the warranty period.  Below I am going to tell you how many years the warranty you will get but actually how long years it will be sustainable.

  • If warranty length is 5 years its average lifespan will be 4.7years
  • If warranty length is 10 years its average lifespan will be 8years
  • If warranty length is 15 years its average lifespan will be 10years
  • If warranty length is 20 years its average lifespan will be 12-14years

I have tried my best to provide all the necessary information which was needed to know before buying a mattress.

So, this was the ultimate buying guide to buy best mattress, now you can make the decision to get the best mattress for you to consider your sleeping habit, needed firmness, and budget.

Stay blessed and happy 🙂

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